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  • Paxton Pits

    14.05.22 Paxton Pits

  • Frampton

    Here’s the trip list for Frampton Marsh on 09/04/22

  • Rutland Water

    Rutland Water 19:03:22

  • First post-pandemic indoor meeting

    Following 2 outdoor trips, the club will reconvene for an evening meeting on 13th April. There will be election and re-election of committee members followed by a presentation entitled “Lockdown Leicester & Beyond 2020/21”

  • Post-Pandemic Restart

    Activities for our club will recommence with 2 field trips and our first proper meeting since March 2020. On 19th March we will venture out to Rutland Water and then on 9th April we will go to RSPB Frampton Marsh in Lincolnshire. Our indoor meeting on 13th April will include election/re-election of committee members and […]

  • 12th January 2022 Meeting cancelled

    We were looking forward to restarting our meetings in the new year, but in light of the impending progress of the new Covid variant Omicron, it would be irresponsible of us to proceed with any indoor meetings for the foreseeable future. Rest assured, as soon as it is deemed safe to resume club activities, we […]

  • Martins, Swallows and Swifts

    On 27 March I was out walking with my sharp-eyed eight-year-old grandson. “Look, look up there, Grandad, what are those birds?” With my poor eyesight it took me a while to focus on them – sand martins! The sand martin is one of our earliest summer visitors from Africa. It has brown upperparts and is […]

  • Ghostly Images

    You will, no doubt, have seen the impression left by a bird crashing into your patio window. You may be interested to know that only certain birds leave their waxy mark. I had received this response from RSPB: “These are the natural oils and feather dust which originate from the downy feathers close to the […]

  • Swift Box

    Message from Jools Partridge: I installed a three colony swift box yesterday (made from an old organ pipe I was given some years ago). I set up a swift caller too which I am really pleased with. However, please tell members not to record screaming swifts over Carvers Corner, Glen Parva till they actually see […]

  • Into 2021

    Whilst we are still in the grip of Coronavirus, no meetings or trips will take place. As the vaccine programme rolls out this year and we start to see improvements in case numbers dropping, we would hope to reconvene later in the year or the start of 2022. Stay safe