Nest Boxes – Update 1st November

On Friday a group of 5 volunteers met at Blaby for the annual clean out, repair and recording of the various SLB nest boxes. First stop was All Saints Churchyard where there was evidence that 3 of the 4 nest box holes had been used and in one box there was a clutch of 6 Great Tit eggs which had been abandoned, with another nest built on top which appeared to have been successful.


The group then moved on to Rectory Farm, Great Easton, where we have about 30 assorted nest boxes. Highlights this year were that 10 boxes had been used by Tree Sparrows – all appear to have been successful. One adult bird was found dead on a nest (see photo), it had probably died whilst using the box to roost. One box was used by a Blue Tit and 2 others by Great Tits but the open-fronted boxes still continue to be ignored.


The Little Owl box, kindly made by Brian Pepall, which was erected last year had been used as we found 1 unhatched egg inside. However, after thorough cleaning the egg appears not to be that of an Owl as the shape, size and appearance tends to suggest a Dove species rather than Owl.

IMG_6132     IMG_0642

Some of the boxes were showing signs of rotting, so the 6 boxes that Brian had made over the winter were put up to replace them. We feel this has been the most successful year to date.

Photos courtesy of Derek Walker.

IMG_6144    IMG_6124    IMG_6131    IMG_6146    IMG_6149   IMG_6145    IMG_6150    IMG_6139