SLB Bird Boxes at Rectory Farm, Great Easton

Following on from Phil Johnson talk at our December indoor meeting it came to light that the bird boxes we had placed in two of the spinneys on the farm were no longer being monitored by Dr Colin Hewitt. It was therefore decided to arrange for a working party to visit the farm to clean them all out and carry out any repairs necessary and if possible to have them ready for this Spring’s breeding season.

So our intrepid group consisting of Roger, Jane H , Sue W, Brian C, and John set off to complete the task in hand. Despite the spinneys being much more dense and them having to fight their way through the branches and the undergrowth they managed to find 21 boxes.

They were happy to report that despite the lack of any attention being given to the boxes their overall condition was very good with just a few in need of repair, and more importantly most of them had been used!

After all of them had received a good clean out, with some being fixed more securely to their tree, a couple of Robin boxes being re sited and a new roof being made for one of the Blue Tit boxes they are now all ready for this years breeding season. Another visit will be arranged later in the year to record breeding successes.

 Bring on the birds!

Eyebrook boxes 1 Eyebrook boxes