Swift Box

Message from Jools Partridge:

I installed a three colony swift box yesterday (made from an old organ pipe I was given some years ago). I set up a swift caller too which I am really pleased with. However, please tell members not to record screaming swifts over Carvers Corner, Glen Parva till they actually see them! LOL. Cost of the caller was £15.82 including a 12volt amplifier (FM radio and Bluetooth too) and pair of tweeters. I bought 100m of speaker wire for £14.89 (cheapest way to buy it) and have plenty left over (70 odd m) at 15p per m if anyone wants some!? The calls were chosen, and downloaded for free, from a Dutch website, and I am so happy with the results of my work. Happy to share links if anyone wants to try out getting their swift boxes occupied this year!?